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Letting go

It’s a tradition in many Asian countries to release lanterns, especially around the Lunar New Year. In Taiwan, the most famous lantern festival is held in the mountains outside of Taipei, in a town called Pingxi. No matter what time of year you go, you’ll see people releasing lanterns in the middle of the town, but the numbers are crazily more in the weeks after the Lunar New Year.

Behind the vineyards

St Emilion is one of France’s premier wine growing regions, and it’s such a pleasant place to ride around.  Of course, frequent pit stops at the various chateaus in the area.  One of the nice things about the area is the quaint little side lanes that head of the main roads in the area, leading into delightful little villages, and vineyards.

Morning walk

One of the best things about growing up in Sydney is being able to go down to the beach early in the morning for a sunrise stroll.  The walks along the foreshore are spectacular, and serve up some really picturesque moments.  This shot was taken at sunrise one morning on the coastal walk near Bondi Beach.

Dirt track

There’s something strangely spectacular about Australia’s red center.  There really is nothing there – you look for miles around and all that is in sight is red dirt, rocks, some shrubs and the horizon. But in that nothingness, the vibrant, untainted colours of the natural environment really come out, and contrast each other perfectly.

Throwback Thursday: LEDs

South Korea is a totally wired country, and the capital Seoul is the ultimate Asian city for LEDs, lights and all other things illumination.  The capital Seoul, is one of the most cosmopolitan, bustling, crazy, fun cities I’ve visited.  This picture is from 3 years ago, during a sweaty, summery week in Seoul – I have to admit though, I love it there in the winter.

I love a sun-burnt country

Australia has got to be one of the most breathtaking countries when seen from the air.  I love traveling to and from ‘home’ during the day, and seeing the landscape change below – from suburban Sydney, to the lushness of the coastal areas and Great Dividing Range, to the harsh, red center – it never fails to make me go “wow”.


Taiwan’s dotted with temples, and you’ll find them everywhere from rural backwaters to beside bustling city streets.  This dusk shot was taken at Hsinchu’s City God temple, which is surround by a bustling night market. There’s often so much happening inside a Chinese temple that sometimes you forget to look up and admire the architecture of the place.

Little Big City

Hong Kong is such an awesome city, with so much action going on wherever you look.  This time lapse was shot over one hot, humid summer’s week while I was making my way home from a trip to South Korea.  I’d been to Hong Kong before, so I did have a few locations in mind, but never expected the video to turn out as good as it did!

From the falls

Speaking of summer, this picture is from on top of Carrington Falls, in regional New South Wales (Australia).  The area behind the falls is full of little waterholes which are brilliant to laze around in while the water gushes past.  Oh and there’s a top notch pie shop nearby too. This image is from my trip home in the (Australian) summer of 2014.

Summer’s coming!

Just looking at the weather forecast for Taipei this week … sunny, clear skies, high 20′s (centigrade)!!!  I’m sure my excitement for the warm weather will wear off once the humidity kicks.  The above shot is a panorama of a beach at Kenting at the very south of Taiwan, hopefully this summer I’ll get a chance to get some shots of the beaches along Taiwan’s north coast.