My Story

Where we're from and where we've been shapes who we are. Here's just a bit about my background that's gone into making me who I am today.

I was born in India to Parsi parents.


I was born into a Parsi family in Mumbai, India. I don't remember much about growing up in India.

I grew up in Australia, spending most of my life there.


At the age of two my family moved to Australia where I grew up in the suburbs of South-west Sydney. As a youngster I played football (soccer) for many years before doing the proper Indian thing and taking up cricket in my teens. After finishing school I spent four fantastic years studying Business & Computing at the Univesrity of Technology, Sydney and working with some great mates as a paralegal. Once uni was over I was fortunate enough to be picked up as a graduate by the Commonwealth Bank where I worked for two years, and formed more great friendships.

Taiwan is home for me. I work in marketing, and do web development projects when my time allows.


Taiwan's the place I've called home since 2012.

Touch football is one of the main reasons I've lasted in Taiwan for so long. I love the friends and family I've made.


I only started playing five years ago (about 6 months after arriving in Taiwan), but Touch has very much contributed to making me the man I am today.