Hi, I'm Fershad, a web developer & designer based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Fershad Irani | Website Developer & Designer Based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hi, I'm Fershad.

I build websites

Front-end developer based in Taipei, Taiwan.

While you're here take a look at what I've done, what I can do for you, read my blog, get to know me, or just say hi!> 👋


Here's a little sample of the projects that I've worked on. View my portfolio to see more.

Website Development & Design Services

Front-end development services that aim to help you realise your website's full potential. If you'd like to collaborate on your next website, landing page, microsite or blog then get in touch! 📧

Website design services provided by Fershad Irani.

Website Design

Plan & create bespoke websites that are driven by your brand, business and customer needs.

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Website development services provided by Fershad Irani.

Website Development

The behind-the-scenes coding and implementation that brings your website to life.

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Website SEO services provided by Fershad Irani.

Website Optimisation & Upkeep

Ensure your website is search engine friendly, and is setup for optimal performance.

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Who am I?

I was born in India. I grew up in Australia. But I now call Taiwan home.

Nickname: Fish

Professional Summary:

I have professional experience across a range of industries. My professional career started in Australia where I worked as an IT Systems Analyst in the Banking & Finance sector. After moving to Taiwan and studying Chinese for a year I moved into a Marketing position as a leading Taiwanese software company. As Product Marketing Team Lead I was responsible for setting out the messaging strategy for new product releases, and led a team of five multi-national staff to deliver product website related website updates.

As a web designer & developer I have worked on multiple small-scale web projects for local sports teams and associations in Taiwan.


Touch Football is my main hobby. I help organize social touch & local competitions, as well as play and referee both in Taiwan & overseas.

Being based in Taiwan is great for traveling to amazing places around Asia. I love exploring the region, especially Japan and Korea.


My blog covers everything from web development, to learnings I've made while starting my own business, to general musings.

Latest Posts

🍱 Code notes: Passing multiple arguments to an Eleventy custom filter

While working on a recent project, I came across a small problem. I needed to convert an event time from UTC to a particular time zone. I was building my website project using the Eleventy static site generator, so I felt that a custom filter would be the best solution to this problem.

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📝 Code Notes: Presenting Portable Text

In this code note I cover a couple of ways to build upon Portable Text for presentation.

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👨🏽‍💻 Why I now run my website on Netlify and Sanity

Recently I moved my entire website from Heroku to Netlify. The key driver was to remove the $7 monthly cost of running on Heroku's 'Hobby' plan. It's also allowed me able to make the website more performant without losing the ability to add and manage content. Oh, and I was also able to build this blog into the newly migrated website pretty quickly too!

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