Hey there! I'm Fershad, a website sustainability and performance consultant based in Taipei, Taiwan.

I believe in delivering fast, lightweight online experiences that are good for your users, your business and the environment.

What I do

I help companies deliver outstanding online experience by identifying and rectifying web performance issues.

Boost conversions with a faster site. Ensure your website meets Core Web Vitals. Reduce your site's carbon footprint.

I have service packages that are suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Website Audits

Are you struggling with a slow website? Want to increase conversions and retain users? Do you want to reduce your site's carbon footprint? A website audit will identify problem areas, and present actionable improvements.

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Web Performance Advisory

Not sure where to start with website optimisation? Want to ensure your projects are planned with optimisation in mind? I'll work alongside you and your team as your trusted performance specialist.

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Website Optimisation

Does your team need a hand implementing code changes, design tweaks and other performance optimisations? I can be an extra pair of hands, or a dedicated developer, for your optimisation projects.

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Featured Project

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Taiwan Clean Energy Project

A low-carbon website developed to track clean energy generation in Taiwan. With a total carbon footprint of 1.58g the entire site (26 pages) is cleaner than the average single web page.

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The environmental case for website performance

What's the link between a faster website and climate change? In this post I'll explain how you can help the environment by focusing on website performance.

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CSS can probably do that

Rather than immediately reaching for JavaScript to handle on-page interactions, why not stop and think "Could CSS do that?" You'd be surprised, it probably can.

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Google Analytics Alternatives

There's an increasing number of privacy-focused alternatives to Google Analytics. This article covers a few options you can use to keep your website visitors information out of the hands of digital advertisers.

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I am currently available for hire. Learn how I can help you improve your site's performance, and reduce its carbon footprint.

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