Springtime at Chiang Kai-Sheck Memorial Hall in Taipei
Springtime at Chiang Kai-Sheck Memorial Hall in Taipei

April 2020 Review

April felt like it went by a lot quicker than March. As time has gone on in this new COVID-19 world I've found myself falling into a new pattern of working. One that revolves more around being at home rather than working in cafes/libraries. I'm lucky to be in Taiwan, where life has been able to continue as close to normal as possible in 2020. I wrote about it all at the start of last month.


A markdown cheat sheet app made with Svelte.
My first Svelte app. Markdown Cheat Sheet.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

I made my first proper project with Svelte in April. I sometimes struggle with writing readme files in Markdown for projects, and so had the idea to create a small, filterable cheat sheet for myself. I got to play around with Svelte, make it a PWA, and all-in-all I think it turned out pretty nicely.

Chinese Taipei Touch Association Almanac

I wrote last month about starting to work on an almanac website for Chinese Taipei Touch Association. I wrapped it up at the end of last month, just as we hit the one-year anniversary of the 2019 Touch World Cup. The website is available in both English and Chinese. Hopefully, our association can add many more names, and games, to the list of international representatives.


Dark Mode with Svelte

The Markdown Cheat Sheet I built with Svelte was also the first time I've used CSS custom properties (variables) for a project. In the past, I'd normally reach for SASS variables. It allowed me to experiment with creating a dark mode toggle for the site.


There's been a lot of interesting data floating around about how COVID-19 and the related lockdowns in various places have changed the way we live. Here are some that I found to be the most interesting:

People of the Pandemic online simulator.
People of the Pandemic online simulator.

And then there's the People of the Pandemic online simulator which is a fantastic way to educate and illustrate the importance of social distancing.