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Introducing Technical SEO and Performance Audits

We all know that fresh, original, engaging content is one of the best ways to improve web page SEO performance. But did you know that even the best-laid SEO strategies can be undone due to poor page code, or content that is slow to load?

Ensuring that Search Engines can crawl, understand, and index your website's content can help get your pages shown to more users when they search. That's why the importance of Technical SEO should be on-par with content creation in any SEO strategy.

Good web page performance ensures that page content is delivered to website visitors quickly, no matter what device or connection they may be on. Google has been putting more emphasis on website speed and usability in the last few years. And with data showing that longer page loads correlate to higher bounce rates (Think with Google, Pingdom) having an optimised web experience should also be a key consideration in your SEO planning.

Graphic showing load times versus bounce rate
Source: Think with Google

Check Your Website for Technical SEO and Performance Issues

A Technical SEO and Performance Audit is a health check for your website. I offer Technical SEO & Performance Audit packages to cover websites large and small, starting from NT$16,000 (US$550).

The audit is a deep dive into the code of your website and can help identify issues that might be holding back your SEO strategy. The audit covers technical SEO, performance, accessibility, and social sharing aspects of your web page code.

Get more details of the Technical SEO and Performance Audit service that I now provide. Or you can use the form below to arrange an obligation free discovery call.