Manhole cover showing Taipei 101.
Manhole cover near Taipei 101

July 2020 Review


Personal Website Refresh

You're looking at it right now! The last week for July saw me dive completely into redesigning this website. As part of the process I've also rebuilt the Sanity content CMS so that it now powers most of this website. A big part of this was adding the ability to link to referenced content on the homepage (like the new Feature section), as well as creating a page builder in the backend that could let me generate simple, structured landing pages. Is it overkill for a site like this? Yeah, probably. But it allowed me to learn even more about Sanity as a CMS!

Technical SEO & Performance Audit

Mid-last month I was faced with the prospect of losing a regular client. While that is still up in the air, it did give me a massive kick in the rear. I had been apathetic for most of this year (can I blame the pandemic?) and hadn't really put much work in expanding my client base. So this potential crisis finally forced me to act on a few plans I'd been sitting on for a while. One of them was the creation of a new Technical SEO & Performance Audit service. You can read more about what it is, why it's important, and what it includes on the landing page I've made for it.


Website Performance

Along with the Technical SEO & Performance Audit, I also wrote a blog post late last month outlining a few easy steps that any website owner can take to improve the performance on their website. This was as much a learning exercise for me as it was as blog post to help others. Have a read of the post, there are so many little nuggets in there and plenty of links to more in-depth articles explaining the concepts I've cover.