Photo of a rainbow over Taipei 101.
May was rainy season here in Taipei.

May 2020 Review

Personally, May was a lockdown month for me. Not in terms of being locked at home, but in terms of getting my head down and finishing off projects. Life in Taiwan has still been pretty normal considering what's been going on around the globe.


New Homepage for Client

The main only project I've been working on this month has been a new homepage for a client. The project involves a full refresh of the homepage and a new design that will eventually propagate through the entire site. As part of the process, I've been looking at how I can speed up the load-time of the home and reduce its weight (data transfer). It's been an interesting process, and initial tests have been great with a roughly 400% decrease in page size, and a 650% reduction in load time.


I'll write more about my learnings from the above later in June. There are several, and most are definitely factors that most websites can look into implementing.


Sticking with the theme of website performance, here's a great website you can use to get an indication of how your site performs based on where your visitors are located around the globe.