Small shaved ice shop in Taipei
Small shaved ice shop in Taipei

September 2020 Review



In October I'll be starting a fortnightly newsletter, Optimised, focused on website performance. I'll be diving into what it is, why it matters, and ways you can address performance issues on your own websites. It won't be allĀ tech talkĀ either, I'll be aiming to include content that is easily digestible forĀ non-technical readers too. The first issue of Optimised will be going out on October 16. Head over to the landing page to learn more and subscribe.


A look at core web vitals by platforms

This is a really interesting analysis of a very, very large set of websites. It looks at the core web vitals of each site, and goes into a much deeper breakdown. Of real interest is the look at which CMS sees best performance, and how various online shopping platforms stack up.


Blacklight, from The Markup, is a handy online tool that lets your see what tracking scripts are present on your favourite websites, and who's getting that data. You might be surprised about just how much information about you your favourite websites are capturing.

If you want to dive deeper into some of the dark patterns that this tool looks for they've also written a terrific article about how they built the tool, and what it looks for.