Website carbon

The total estimated carbon footprint of this website over its lifetime is:

602.66 grams

Last update:


Where does this number come from?

At the bottom of every page on this website is a Website Carbon badge. It uses the Wesbite Carbon calculator by Wholegrain Digital to give an estimate of the carbon emissions produced by a given page.

For each page view I save the estimated carbon emissions to an Airtable base. This allows me to sum all estimated emissions over the life of the site, and generate a estimate of the website's total emissions.

How accurate is this estimate?

I consider the estimate above to be the minimum total carbon emissions of this website. There are a few reasons for that:

  • The Website Carbon calculator uses the total initial page size to calculate carbon emissions. This therefore won't include an lazy-loaded resources.
  • Calculating and saving emissions data is reliant on JavaScript. No data is captured for users who have JavaScript disabled, or for whom the script fails to load/execute.
  • It does not take into account the emissions associated with website development.
  • It does not include emissions that result from composing and sending the email newsletter.