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DisplayLink Demo at CES 2020

Landing Page + Admin Page

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Made with:
  • Eleventy
  • Netlify
  • Pusher
  • Airtable

DisplayLink's booth at CES 2020 featured a high-performance racing simulator which allowed visitors to test their driving skills in an immersive environment powered by DisplayLink's enterprise docking solutions.

DisplayLink Racing Simulator at CES 2020
DisplayLink Racing Simulator @ CES 2020

For this demo I helped put together a daily leaderboard landing page & admin back-end for them to keep track of everyone's times. The landing page was designed to be displayed on a rotated 4K monitor, while the back-end would be used on a personal laptop.

One requirement for this project was that whenever data was edited or updated in the back-end, the same data would be updated on the landing page without any need to reload the page. To make this happen I opted to use Pusher's Channel service. Data was also persisted in an Airtable base, allowing it to still be retrieved in the event Pusher stopped working. The whole project was hosted on Netlify.

You can take a look at a replica of the landing page using the "Visit site" link above. You can also use this link to play around with the admin back-end.

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