For Good

I set aside a portion of the revenue I earn to support sustainable development projects in the real world, and open source software projects.


Working towards greater sustainability is very important to me. The work I do helping businesses reduce their online carbon impacts is a big part of this. Beyond my work, though, I also support a range of projects through Gold Standard. These help deliver clean energy, and sustainable development to communities around the world.

Projects supported in 2021

I will make contributions to renewable energy and sustainable development projects in December, 2021.

Open source

A lot of the tools we use on the web are created by developers in their own time, often with little support. I've come to use many of these open source projects in my work, and so it's only right that I give a bit back where I can.

Eleventy (

I've built a few sites with Eleventy (this being one of them). I owe a lot to the project, it was my introduction to modern web development and got me started down the path I'm on now.

Contributions to Eleventy