Digital Sustainability & Performance Workshops

Build a culture of sustainability-first, performance focused development within your team.

I'll help your team understand the importance and overlaps between Digital Sustainability and Performance. From there, we'll explore different techniques and strategies that will allow them to put sustainability and performance at the heart of every project.

Workshop Introduction

An ideal introduction to the topics of web sustainability and performance. Perfect for small teams, or agencies, the workshop will give participants a background into the impacts the digital world has on the environment. We'll also explore the overlap between website/app performance and sustainability.

Participants will learn about various techniques and strategies that can be implemented to reduce the environmental impact of websites/apps, and at the same time improve performance.

Workshops also include practical, hands-on examinations of your own website/apps. Together we'll identify and address sustainability and performance related issues, giving your team actionable changes they can start implementing right away!

Workshops can be held either in-person or online. They range from two to four hours in length, and can be tailored to fit your organisation's needs.