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Website Optimisation Advisory for Agencies

If you're an agency that creates websites or landing pages for your clients then you know the importance of delivering fast, optimised, SEO friendly results.

However, web page performance, structure, and accessibility can often get overlooked in the rush to meet deadlines. These can have direct, negative ramifications on your client's site search rankings and engagement.

Website Advisory Packages

With a Website Advisory Package I'll be a source of website performance expertise for you, your team, and your clients throughout the creative process. Working together we can ensure you are delivering the best possible results to your clients.

I'll be available to advise and guide you, your team, and even your clients through your entire project lifecycle.

Guarantee Results to Your Clients

With a Website Optimisation Advisory in place you can be certain that the websites you build for your clients will be as fast, light weight, and performant as possible.

  • High Performance - Deliver results that meet Google's recommendations for Core Web Vital metrics.
  • Maximum Accessibility - Ensure that websites are designed with WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines front of mind.
  • Minimal Environmental Impact - Create web pages that are light weight and energy efficient.

Package Options & Pricing


I'll provide guidance and oversight throughout your project lifecycle.

Whether you'd like me involved in the planning phase, or to provide review and feedback in the design phase. I can help oversee the development process to ensure quality results are delivered to your client.


NT$16,000/month or US$530/month

Advisory +

Advisory, oversight, plus optimisation assistance during development.

With an Advisory + package I'll provide you with all the guidance and oversight that comes with the base package. In addition I'll be available to help your your development team with optimisation activities. This includes tasks like - image optimisation, font subsetting, file minification, minor code adjustments.


NT$28,000/month or US$900/month

Advisory ++

Advisory, oversight, and delivery all in one package.

The Advisory ++ package is a full service package. On top of guidance and oversight through the early stages of your projects, I will build and deliver the final website. Using a platform of your choice (e.g. Webflow) or creating from scratch, I will ensure delivery of a highly performance website to you and your clients.


NT$80,000/month or US$2,700/month

Please note that all packages are 100% pre-paid.

My Satisfaction Guarantee

My goal is to deliver value to you and your clients. If, during our first month working together, you are not satisfied with my services then I'll refund your money in full.

Let's get started

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