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Website Optimisation Retainer

Website optimisation engagements normally span multiple months. During these engagements I will understand the role your website plays within your broader business objectives, and formulate optimisation strategies that can help you get the most out of it.

Website Optimisation Retainer Packages

A Website Optimisation Retainer Package gives you unlimited advisory and consulting services to help you realise your website's full potential. Depending on your needs, a website optimisation retainer can covers:

  • Advisory - delivering strategies and advice to your internal development teams to improve your website.
  • Implementation - applying code and design changes, and other optimisations to improve your site.
  • Build - building new, optimised websites, landing pages, or new site features.

Who is it for?

A website optimisation retainer is ideal if you already have a website and ...

  • Want to improve conversions
  • Need to reduce bounce rate
  • Are failing Google's Core Web Vitals tests
  • Want to make your website more environmentally friendly


Website Optimisation Retainer Packages are monthly engagements. With any engagement you will have unlimited to access to me via phone, chat, or email during business hours (9am – 6pm, Monday - Friday).

Below I have listed three possible levels of involvement.

Option 1: Advisory

I will initially work to understand the current state of your website, and clearly understand your business targets. Through this I will be able to identify and prioritise areas for website improvement. With this information I will formulate a strategy for you to deliver website optimisations.

Topics that fall under this option include:

  • Identifying suitable plugins, frameworks or technologies to improve your site.
  • Reviewing website changes made by your own developers.
  • Running periodic website performance tests.


NT$16,000/month or US$530/month

Option 2: Optimisation

This option includes everything from option 1, but extends my involvement to the implementation of website optimisation improvements. My involvement would extend to performing optimisation tasks and making incremental code changes. As part of this process I would meet with you weekly to review progress and answer any questions.

Topics that fall under this option include:

  • Code modifications to your site.
  • Applying image, font & file optimisations.
  • Minor design changes that address accessibility or performance issues.


NT$28,000/month or US$900/month

Option 3: Build

This option includes everything from options 1 and 2, but extends my involvement to the development, testing & deployment of any new web sites, landing pages or site functionality that might be required to reach business goals.

Topics that fall under this option include:

  • Development of a new website, store, or app.
  • Creation of a new, bespoke, or heavily modified website theme.
  • Integration, testing and deployment of new functionality (such as payment services, customer engagement etc)


NT$80,000/month or US$2,700/month


Fershad has transformed the journey and engagement of visitors on our website. The new homepage design delivers significant improvements in key web performance measurements as well as introducing a more attractive and intuitive interface that helps people navigate the site better.
- Ben Hall, Marketing Manager at DisplayLink

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