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Website Performance Consulting

Working with you and your team I can help identify the parts of your website that might be causing performance issues, or where optimisations can be made. Once we've identified areas for improvement, I can help implement appropriate fixes and strategies.

Consulting engagements would normally span multiple months, depending on the breadth of the scope that is being examined. Consultancy covers a variety of areas:

  • Website Performance Audit
  • Code and architecture analysis
  • Fix implementation/guidance
  • Process analysis and improvement

Website Performance Consulting Package

A Website Performance Consulting Package gives you unlimited advisory and consulting services to help you realise your website's full potential. I'll help you with anything from website planning and strategy, to working with internal teams to ensure website updates are optimally delivered.

Who is it for?

A website performance consulting package is for companies that are looking to make their existing websites faster, greener and more performant.

How A Website Performance Consulting Package Can Help

A Website Performance Consulting Package is a broad engagement that can help your company in many ways. Below are some examples.

Web Planning


You have a series of campaigns or product launches planned, each of which require web pages to be created.

How I Can Help

With a Website Performance Consulting Package I can help you plan the best strategy for adding these pages to your current website, or how to best go about creating custom landing pages if required. I can then work with your development, design, and QA teams to ensure the web pages created are optimised.

Drive Best Practice


You have several internal teams responsible for deliver different items during the website development process, leading to inconsistencies in quality.

How I can help

I can work with team leaders within your organisation to understand your processes. Through this process I'll work with them to formulate and implement repeatable strategies that allow your development and design teams to apply web performance best practice through the development process.


Each company is unique. I will first understand your business, your needs, and what your objectives are. With this information I will provide a customised quote based on the value I can bring to your business.


Fershad has transformed the journey and engagement of visitors on our website. The new homepage design delivers significant improvements in key web performance measurements as well as introducing a more attractive and intuitive interface that helps people navigate the site better.
- Ben Hall, Marketing Manager at DisplayLink

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